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Street photography explored through the 52 'perspectives' offered by the Street Photography Now project

Street photography explored through the 52 ‘perspectives’ offered by the Street Photography Now project




Street Photography NOW – and then

Taking inspiration from the 52 photographers featured in this book.

The 52 photographers featured in this book have each offered an idea or instruction from which we can take inspiration.

Street Photography Now was an outstanding book published in 2011. It contained the work of 52 wonderful photographers who serve to define the genre at that point in time.

The current interest in street photography owes something to the success of  Flickr.com, as a photo-sharing website and community (or collection of communities). In order to promote the publication of SPN as a book and to further engage the enthusiasm of street photographers around the world, the publishers offered the chance to participate in a “Street Photography Now Project” on Flickr.

Each week one of the photographers featured in the book offered a short, sometimes crytic, instruction or idea. Photographers were encouraged to respond by taking photos and submitting them to a group on Flickr.com


On this website I have made a rather different use of these 52 instructions or ideas. I have tried to illustrate each one with one or two photos taken from my own archives, built up taking digital photographs over the past decade.

So here I offer you one photographer’s “take” on the ideas and inspirations offered as part of this project. I hope this offers a distinctive and personal perspective on the diverse impulses involved in street photography.



Instruction # 45 “See the characters but create your own plot.” – Martin Kollar

Corner Window

“…he takes a seat by the window in a big … coffeehouse. He gazes around at the other customers and pores over advertisements in the paper, but mainly he is interested in the throng of people he sees through the window, surging past in the street.”
Walter Benjamin, On Some Motifs in Baudelaire.

Benjamin is commenting on the story “The Man of the Crowd” by E. A. Poe which, a few pages later, he contrasts with an earlier story, “My Cousin’s Corner Window” by E. T. A. Hoffmann.


Walter Benjamin’s studies of the poet, Charles Baudelaire as the first “city poet” was the subject of my dissertation. It is there that Benjamin develops the idea of “flaneur”, the stroller, who explores the psychogeography of the city, receiving inspiration in flashes as he jostles the crowds. Benjamin’s essays — and indeed, Baudelaire’s poetry — provide wonderful starting points for a “theory” of street photography.

On return from my two years of study in Germany, I bought my first serious (SLR) camera and began to really work at “documentary” photography and improving my darkroom skills. Some of the B&W photographs I took in those early days are displayed on this site (under the “Early Work” category).


#52 If you have talent, find your own way, – Cristóbal Hara

Greg Hobson, Martin and Susie Parr


On guard

#51 Buildings are like humans and have their own character – Alexey Titarenko


Crowd of Favours


#50 Say it with flowers. – Johanna Neurath




#49 Read the street in front of you by saying to yourself: “everything that you see happening — both near you and coming toward you (the text of the street) — and the picture will present itself – Joel Meyerowitz



Down the Causeway

#48 Things are what they seem to be, or maybe something else. – Richard Kalvar

Reflections in the city